We are excited to announce that as of July 1, 2022 Kitty Kisses Cat Café will be under new ownership. Kallie Laity will be taking over as owner of Kitty Kisses Cat Café. Devin & Hayley were excited to bring the first dedicated cat café to the Reno market. It has been rewarding to see the impact the café has on cats in the community and also to interact with all of the visitors over the last 6 months. They are excited to be able to transition the business to someone who has had a lifelong dream of owning a cat café.

Kallie has visited over 10 cat cafés across the nation and in Canada. She has found the unique concept to be a win-win-win. Providing a colony foster space for rescue cats allows us to be able to observe how a cat interacts with other cats and humans. It also helps to free up space for our rescue partners, allowing them to take in and help more felines. Not to mention the anxiety-relieving effects our cat lounge provides – you might even make a friend or two (human and/or feline!).

Kallie has been working at Kitty Kisses Cat Café since early March of this year. She knows the business very well and has been working hard over the last month to strengthen her relationships with our rescue partner, members, vendors, and others in the community that serve the cat & animal community.

Kallie is extremely passionate about cats. Since she was born, she has had between 2-6 cats in her home at a time. She is referred to endearingly by friends and family as the crazy cat lady. She is known to rescue cats off the street when she comes upon them. She has volunteered in animal shelters for over a decade and a half. She has an enormous love for cats and their wellbeing, which is paramount.

The business will have some minor changes, but will remain mostly the same. Through the rest of the year, there will be upgrades made to improve our customer experience and to enrich our cats. Keep an eye on our social media to see what exciting new events and upgrades we will be offering.

A note from Kallie: “I am beyond thrilled to have been granted this opportunity. I cannot wait to meet you on your next visit and am excited to share new events and other goodies coming soon!”

Join us at 8555 Double R Blvd Suite 104 Reno, Nevada 89511