Kitty Kisses Rescue of Reno (KKRR) is a non-profit charity organization serving Reno, NV that focuses on cat welfare and resources. 

KKRR is built on 4 important pillars: 


To promote a kind, caring, compassionate, and considerate attitude toward every cat.


To raise awareness and educate the public about appropriate cat care/welfare.


To advocate for responsible, reliable and accountable pet guardianship.


To encourage a sense of admiration, esteem, high regard and honor for all felines.

KKRR is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity organization that provides the Reno community with the following services and resources:

  • Cat welfare activities such as cat advocacy and promoting cat care.

  • Humane education that supports responsible cat guardianship/companionship and cat retention.

  • Assistance in finding fosters and/or assistance with rehoming cats via courtesy listings to our audience. Assistance with tending to abandoned/stray cats.

  • Assistance for cat guardians in need of food and/or other cat care supplies.

In the future, KKRR will take on additional services for the human and feline community in Reno. You can contact us at [email protected]

General resources we recommend

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Specific topics we frequently get asked about